When Secretlab first introduced the very first Throne, it was a no-brainer hit. They basically offered gamers a more cost-effective alternative to the popular DX Racer gaming chairs.

Considering the amount of hours spent daily at the screen, there is little reason not to invest in a proper chair. You could fork up more than a thousand and enjoy the comforts of a Herman Miller, or you could spend half that amount and settle for their latest flagship, the Omega.


Yes, this is Secretlab’s top-of-the-line series and comes in two designs. The popular Stealth edition comes in a single black color with red threading, while the Classic has some white colored accents here and there. Now when I mention popular, I mean sold out fast. Last I heard interested parties had to pre-order for the next shipiment. So good on you Secretlab, thanks for keeping our butts comfy, and our backs straight.

At S$499, the Omega breaks away from the racing-seat look and boasts a more stoic, business-like design. If you’re intending to buy this for the office, or match the design of your study room (NOT game room), this is actually the better choice.

The leather used for the Omega is of a higher quality, being softer and more comfortable than its Throne cousins (there’s a V1 and V2 now). The leather gets warm after some time, but if the room is air-conditioned, it becomes cool pretty fast too. Now this is based on personal experience, and could differ for some.

The seat itself is broader, and the backrest softer to the touch, while maintaining decent support when reclining. The lumbar pillow takes some time to get used to, but does a good job at keeping your lower back straight.

The casters have been significantly improved from the first Throne, they feel well-built and swivel around better. Take note that it supports up to a weight of 110kg.

The Omega offers a lot of adjustments, this includes the arm rests, the reclining angle of the seat and its general height. Simply feel around the chair for the various buttons and you’ll be able to get the right feel in no time. As part of the delivery and assembly process, you’ll actually be taught how to use the chair and what each button does, so there’s nothing to worry about.


So is it a great chair? Yeah, I would think so. This really goes back to my title, if 70% of your life is spent at a computer, like most gamers, then the Omega is a really good investment to have your butt docked in comfortably.

With its less-gamerish-more-serious design, the chair goes easily with most room designs without feeling like the odd one out (because not all of us like to have game-centric designs for our rooms). So that in itself is a good plus point, while providing you with comfort over the long hours you’ll be using it. Smart move Secretlab.