“It’s not enough to just make a good mobile game. Success requires marketing, analytics, customer management, customer acquisition, localisation and many other essential but laborious processes to be in place – which can be very daunting for new game makers.”

To make this quote of his a reality, ex-CEO of gumi Asia (known for Chain Chronicles and Brave Frontier), David Ng, started up goGame with big investments from SEGA Networks, and Japan’s leading early-stage venture capitalist Incubate Fund.


How will he be contributing to the success of new game makers? Through an impressive free-to-publish system called goPlay. As a modular web-based system, developers can be equipped with the essential tools to get their games out into the hands of gamers.

Having had a small taste as to what developers can expect, we were enjoying a game in 10 secs, streamed straight to our phones from just a simple web link. No download was required. If we liked the game, we could easily tap install on goGame’s overlay interface.


“We have developed a system which manages all these processes for the game developers through a self-service model so that they can focus on what they do best – making awesome games,” he added.

To start off, developers have the basic free publishing services, and can eventually pay extra for additional options. goGame also allows traditional publishing arrangements where developers can offer a revenue share to the publisher who handles marketing, distribution and even customer acquisition.