Anno 2205 puts you at the seat of high power, with the wonders of an imagined 23rd century. One thing doesn’t seem to change though, your citizens are as ungrateful as ever. ┬áThere are three biomes differentiated by the temperate, polar, and lunar types for you to build your empire, and your employees will forever be asking for more stuff – bio-implants, androids and other futuristic things. Manage their happiness while maintaining a good supply chain will net you profits like a boss.


Housing and happiness are the core values to success in Anno 2205, but this formula plays out differently from the other Annos so far. Low-tier wage slaves who have their needs met can be upgrade to Operators, Executives and finally, Investors. These high rollers provide more income, but will eventually demand all the nicer things in life. This means more expenditure on high tech industries to satisfy your minions. This is largely different from the SimCity style of Police, Hosptials, Fire, Schools, Water and Done.


Managing three biomes is possibly one of the best features in this game. You start with Earth and then move on to finding new resources from the lunar surface. The difference now is having to make sure you have shields to keep your employees safe from space debris. Each biome presents a different challenge and brings variety to the game.


The much needed commodities, called “rare” resources, can be obtained by going on quests that involve your personal yacht or lunar rover. These are mostly fetch quests or maintaining certain levels of production for a specific good over a stipulated time. Another way is to run combat missions that work out to be a mini RTS version of the game. These are optional, but the upgrades are definitely needed for optimal business operations (or keeping your kids happy).


In all, Anno 2205 is very engaging have the unique challenges of the different biomes towards the late-game makes for a very time-consuming but addictive experience. If you have a God-complex and love watching your profits soar, this is really THE game to get.