Blizzard introduced Cho’gall into Heroes of the Storm not too long ago and the most interesting aspect of this hero is how it requires two players to control it. A primary player would control movement and their own set of abilities as Cho, while another would be Gall and plays almost exactly like Abathur.

If you haven’t exactly tried this character out yet, I suggest doing it with a friend and over Skype or Discord or whatever VOIP/voice communication you have.


Essentially, choosing Cho’gall really means turning teamfights into a 3v5 affair. What is most important to take away here is that Cho’gall is a very strong hero as long as there’s good communication between both players. The joke would be you and your partner arguing about what to do at the point of time. This gives reference to how Cho and Gall is commonly seen bickering with each other, despite being stuck together since the very beginning – the price of having two heads on one body so to speak.

So here’s how Cho’gall works in a nutshell. Cho is very mobile with his ability to mount, while Gall is taking pot-shots at enemies. He has a rushdown attack which is good for catching enemy heroes or simply running away. He has an area-of-effect skill that deals damage over time, and a rolling ball that can only be detonated by Gall. You’ll notice very quickly having a good Gall player is paramount to making Cho’gall effective on the map.

That’s our take on Cho’gall and if you’re interested in adding him or them to your game forever, all you need to do is win two games with someone who has him already (people attending BlizzCon or has the virtual ticket), or you could check out our facebook page, because we are giving out some character keys to make him available!