Secretlab Omega, THE classy Butt Dock for Gamers.

When Secretlab first introduced the very first Throne, it was a no-brainer hit. They basically offered gamers a more cost-effective alternative to the popular DX Racer gaming chairs. Considering the amount of hours spent daily at the screen, there is little reason not to invest in a proper chair. You could fork up more than [...]

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goGame: Here’s an easy and effective way for new game developers to publish their games

“It’s not enough to just make a good mobile game. Success requires marketing, analytics, customer management, customer acquisition, localisation and many other essential but laborious processes to be in place - which can be very daunting for new game makers.” To make this quote of his a reality, ex-CEO of gumi Asia (known for Chain [...]

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StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, wraps up the Saga neater than The Hunger Games

A rogue Xel'Naga, Amon, looks to end the cycle of life and death by slaughtering the Firstborn. Artanis, Hierarch of the Protoss, takes upon himself the responsibility to save the Koprulu Sector by uniting the Tal'darim, Daelaam, and Nerazim against him. With already two expansions into the series, catching up with StarCraft II's main plot will [...]

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Cho’gall: Blizzard’s weird but good character- style debut

Blizzard introduced Cho'gall into Heroes of the Storm not too long ago and the most interesting aspect of this hero is how it requires two players to control it. A primary player would control movement and their own set of abilities as Cho, while another would be Gall and plays almost exactly like Abathur. If [...]

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GBJ Play: Experiencing the Star Wars Battle Pod at GameStart Asia

If there's one thing to experience at this year's GameStart Asia it is the Star Wars Battle Pod. This arcade machine puts you in a virtual cockpit of an X-wing, Millenium Falcon, or Tie Interceptor, as you experience the iconic battles of Star Wars: Hoth, Endor, the Death Star and Yavin. This machine has been [...]

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GBJ Play: ANNO 2205 Review

Anno 2205 puts you at the seat of high power, with the wonders of an imagined 23rd century. One thing doesn't seem to change though, your citizens are as ungrateful as ever.  There are three biomes differentiated by the temperate, polar, and lunar types for you to build your empire, and your employees will forever [...]

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GBJ Picks: The two new incredible Dell notebooks

Not long ago, Dell refreshed their line-up of laptops the Intel's latest Skylake processors. Among the many new laptops available two of them caught our eye and tugged at our gaming heartstrings.

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Blizzcon 2015: Heroes of the Storm gets massive love

Blizzard's Hero Brawler has gotten a lot of traction since its incarnation and it is a real delight that this Blizzcon 2015 sees the game getting a new mode called the Arena. From what has been explained, this mode is a Colosseum version of the game -faster action, smaller maps, and quicker games. Next up, the [...]

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Blizzcon 2015: Legion and Overwatch Pre-sale details

Blizzard has officially confirmed a few rumors at BlizzCon 2015. Following the unofficial Overwatch prices seen earlier, the game is now confirmed to be available in Standard, Origins and Collector's (physical) editions. The Origins and Collector's will come with digital loot, and something for the other Blizzard titles. The game itself will launch in Spring [...]

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